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Evacuation Shelters: overview

If you are requested to leave your home due to a hazardous, life threatening situation, you may be asked to go to an evacuation shelter. You will be directed to drive to the shelter yourself or to board a bus. Please bring your "Emergency Evacuation Kit" and required medication. It is recommended that you do not take your pet. To prevent bite incidents in the shelter, the health unit discourages the integration of pets and people at a shelter. People who drive to the shelter in their own vehicle may keep the pet in the vehicle. Depending on the type of emergency (evacuees from a multi-vehicle accident evacuation for example), Municipal Animals Services may assist with accommodation of domestic pets.

Upon arrival, Northumberland County Emergency Social Service Staff will greet you, ask if you need any immediate medical assistance, and provide information about your stay and the emergency situation at hand. St John Ambulance will be there to tend to First Aid medical requirements.

The Canadian Red Cross is responsible for Registration/Inquiry Service and Personal Services. To access shelter services, you will need to provide your name, address, and contact information so that shelter managers and friends know how to reach you.  In emergencies requiring overnight stays, cots, blankets, and hygiene kits will be supplied.  Specialized items such as wheel chairs or canes can be arranged.

The Salvation Army is responsible to provide food and clothing services. A variety of meals can be provided including; meals for evacuees requiring restricted diets. Assistance will be provided to evacuees in immediate need of clothing.

The Salvation Army and Northumberland County Emergency Social Service will provide clergy and counseling service.  The St. John Therapy Dogs help to reduce stress and anxiety levels people experience during times of need. Activities are planned to help occupy the time. An assessment of your needs of your emergency situation can be arranged to help you organize your road to recovery.

Your safety is the utmost importance. Security staff are at hand to maintain civil order. The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit will inspect the premises to ensure the shelter operates in accordance with health regulations, as well as ensuring the prevention and control of infectious disease in the shelters. Northumberland County Emergency Social Service Staff will stay with children who arrive at the shelter unaccompanied by an adult. If you need medicine, Salvation Army "Neighbourlink" will arrange transportation to a pharmacy.

When the emergency situation improves, you will be asked to sign-out of the shelter. You should tell the shelter managers where you are going. This way, staff and friends will able to contact you if required.

For more information, please contact Northumberland County 905 372 3329 x 2343 or email

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