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Availability of Documents

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Corporation of the County of Northumberland to provide notice to all persons that access our goods and service that any document required under the Accessible Customer Service Standard are available upon request.

Notification of Availability

The County will provide notice that all documents required under the Accessible Customer Service standard are available upon request.

A copy of the documents will be provided to anyone who requests them in their preferred format within ten (10) business days. A request for these documents can be made at all County service counters or by contacting the Compliance Coordinator.

When providing documents required by the Accessible Customer Service standard to a person with a disability, the County will do so in a format that takes into account the person's communication needs (see Policy 1.1 - Alternative Format Documents).

Notice of availability of documents will be posted at all service counters and will also be published on the County's web site. The notice will include information on what documents are available and how customers can obtain a copy. 

Click here to view the complete Notice of Availability of Documents Policy

Download the Notice of Availability of Documents Form

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