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Alternative Format Documents

Policy Statement

The Corporation of the County of Northumberland is committed to providing accessible information and communications to all of our customers. It is the policy of the Corporation of the County of Northumberland to provide any correspondence, invoices and other documentation in an alternative format upon request.

Types of Alternative Formats

The County recognizes that people with disabilities often use methods other than standard print to access information. The following four types of alternative formats are available: 

  • Large Print
  • Hard copy or email
  • Audio format such as cassettes or digital audio
  • Simplified summaries

If none of the above formats can meet an individual's needs, further discussion can take place to determine a format that will be acceptable for all parties by contacting the Compliance Coordinator.

Click here to view the complete Alternative Format Documents Policy

Requesting an Alternative Format

An alternative format can be requested by completing a request form available at all County service counters, online or by contacting the Compliance Coordinator. All requests will forward on to the department responsible for creating the original document.

Alternative formats documents will be provided within ten (10) business days of receipt of request.

Download Request for Alternative Format Documents Form

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