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Facilities Accessibility

Visiting Northumberland County offices? Here are some of the features that make our buildings more accessible:  

555 Courthouse Road, Cobourg:

  • South main entrance: automatic accessibility doors

  • Two washrooms on the first floor: clear signage and wheelchair accessible

  • Two washrooms on the second floor: clear signage and wheelchair accessible

  • Lobby has elevator with access to second floor

  • Northwest door with wheelchair accessibility: ramp and automatic accessible doors 

860 William Street, Cobourg:

  • Main entrance: ramp, and automatic accessible doors

  • Interior doors are all accessible

  • Accessible washroom on first floor with button, handrail, and grab bar

  • Elevator for access to second floor

  • Courtroom doors are wheelchair accessible and wide for easy entrance/exit

  • Second floor washrooms are fully accessible

  • Northeast door has ramp, and automatic accessible door 

600 William Street, Cobourg:

  • North door entrance is wheelchair accessible with ramp and automatic accessible doors

  • Automatic accessible interior doors

  • North washrooms are wheelchair accessible with automatic accessible doors

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